Greta Olechno is a compassionate, intuitive advisor and coach who empowers people to make confident choices and decisions in their lives. 

Through her journey of dealing with stress and unmanaged chaos, she has learned how to overcome the challenges that kept her back from having a balanced life. 

She is now following her soul's purpose and serving others by offering intuitive life coaching, guidance and creating a community for peer-to-peer support. 

She specializes in helping those who seek a holistic approach to recognizing and managing their lives impacted by toxic environments, stress, and chaos. 

She supports her clients by allowing them to gain clarity to make aligned choices unique to their own inner calling. 

She believes that she was put on this earth to help others heal.
All people have the power to improve their lives, all they need to do is harness the proper energy.
Get in contact with her today to see how you can begin working together.

In my sessions, I use a variety of ways to guide you.

I access universal wisdom for your unique experience through channeling, medical intuition, and empathic abilities.

You receive The Ultimate Life Design Workbook with my Coaching Session for free, as well as my printable worksheets designed for you. 

To book a session 
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  • When booking your session you are in full agreement with the following disclaimer:  For legal reasons, all sessions and events do not replace legal, medical, financial, or professional advice.  Greta does not prescribe, diagnose or give medical, legal, or financial advice.  Clients are solely responsible for their choices and decisions during and post their Reading.  All prices are in CAD.

  • An email will be sent to you shortly after you have booked your session.  Please read this email as it contains the Zoom link which you will need to connect with Greta on the day of your session.