• married to my best friend
  • a mom to two young adults
  • a dog mom 
  • also a mom to a hedgehog and a 26-year-old tortoise
  • a published author
  • passionate about toxin-free living
  • a believer in bodies ability to thrive
  • lover of crystals and anything shiny
  • lover of Coffee
  • an entrepreneur
  • graphic designer
  • Intuitive Advisor and Life Coach
  • passionate about meditation and anything to do with changing your mindset to benefit you.

Sooo, you’re looking for a design agency that can help you with your online business presence huh?! Well, look no further because we are a Strategic, Full-Spectrum Media and Design Agency that helps female entrepreneurs crush their businesses.

We combine business strategy, marketing and design so you don’t have to. We also believe in the power of creating and implementing beautiful, functional designs that convert. At Integrity Media & Design, we help businesses create meaningful connections between their brand and customers by delivering exceptional web design solutions, graphic design, branding strategies and more!

Our team is made up of talented designers who are passionate about what they do - helping clients realize their vision through creative inspiration and thoughtful execution. Your success is our success! When you join us as a client, let's be honest…you'll become part of an extended family where everyone genuinely cares about each other's success! We couldn’t be more honoured or excited to partner with you! 

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Are You Ready To Take Control? 
  • Are you unhappy with the way you look and feel every day?  
  • You refuse to post pictures of yourself on social media for fear of judgment?
  • You want to make a change but you don’t have time or energy for the gym?
  • You feel so intimidated by the kitchen the thought of making something healthy for dinner is too overwhelming for you to take on?

If this sounds like you, join me for a FREE 28-Day Transformation Challenge!

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