Skin Soothing Essential Gel Recipe For Your Pet

When working with essential oils, we use the animal's natural instincts and allow them to choose what products they prefer. This method is safe, effective, and simple, and it strengthens the bond between you and your animal.

HOW does the choosing work? 

You keep the lid on the essential oil and let them smell it. Their "choice" or a positive sign looks like prolonged sniffing, interest, or even licking.

A negative choice will be completely ignoring it, barely giving it a sniff or actual avoidance.

Do not force a product on an animal as it can cause stress.

Adverse effects may result by forcing essential oils on an animal. 

The three most important things when being cautious on behalf of your pet while using oils are to check the QUALITY of oil (not all are created equal, if you want to know more about this feel free to send me a message), letting your pet CHOOSE, and providing an OUT.

So now that you know some basics here is a great product for your pet. 


Everyone has heard of Lavender. It is frequently referred to as "the Swiss army knife of Oils."

Well, just as lavender can be calming to you and me, it can be to your animal as well.


* Soothes skin

* Great before going outside

Make your own Skin Soothing Essential Gel Recipe for your pet!

- approximately 2 oz. of water-based gel (aloe vera)

- 5-20 drops of Lavender essential oil

- whisk together and you are done!

Apply this calming gel to the underbelly or any sensitive skin areas when needed. 


Who needs a little Lavender for themselves sometimes?!

****Raise your hands!*****


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