Society tells us to be a certain way, to like certain things, and to follow specific paths in order to be successful. But what if that's not what you're meant to do? What if you have dreams and goals that are different from what society expects of you?

The answer is simple: you must follow your dreams. No matter what others say or think, you must listen to the calling deep within your heart. You're not here to please others. You must be the cheerleader for your precious life. The journey that is being asked of you only has to make sense to you. Society never has the right to name who you are and what you came into this life to accomplish.

So accept and love yourself completely. Trust your journey, and live with confidence, resilience, laughter, joy, and fun. Every day celebrate the person who looks back at you in the mirror. That is the only approval you need.

Why You Should Follow Your Dreams
There are many reasons why you should follow your dreams, even if they differ from what society expects of you. Here are just a few: 

1) You'll be happier. 
If you're doing something that you love, chances are you'll be a lot happier than if you're doing something that you hate just because it's what society expects of you. When you're happy, your whole life improves. You'll be more productive, more positive, and more likely to achieve your goals. 

2) You'll be more successful. 
Contrary to what society tells us, following our dreams often leads to greater success than following the "traditional" path. When we're passionate about something, we're more likely to put in the hard work necessary to achieve our goals. And when we enjoy what we're doing, we're less likely to burn out or give up when things get tough. So if you want to be successful, follow your dreams! 

3) You'll inspire others. 
When we follow our dreams and pursue our passions, we inspire those around us to do the same. We show others that it's possible to live a life that is both fulfilling and successful—and that they can do it too! Just by being yourself and living your truth, you can encourage others to do the same. And that's an amazing gift indeed. 

Don't let society dictate who you are or what you should do with your life—follow your dreams instead! When you do, you'll be happier, more successful, and an inspiration to those around you. 
So go out there and chase those dreams—the world is waiting for YOU!

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