I have gone through most of my life trying to be like someone else. Never satisfied with who I am and never happy with myself. I always wanted to be thinner, smarter, prettier, accepted, creative and, so much more, always wondering why I was none of those things.
I was never content with myself because I always thought that others were better at everything, and I was not. I would go to seep thinking and sometimes praying to be as pretty, or as thin, or as smart as my peers, and then I would be happy and have everything I needed.

I have found happiness many years ago but was too busy to notice because I kept wanting to be someone I was not.
I didn’t give myself any credit at all but would be upset when others would not give me credit or notice when I did something worth noticing.
It took me a lot of my adult years to discover that I was enough just as I am. I finally realized that I did not see or want to see the potential in myself even when people would compliment me and praise me,
I just refused to hear them and acknowledge what they were saying.

I have learned over the years that the people I always envied grew up thinking and feeling just like I was in my younger days. They were hoping and praying just like I was to be like someone else.

We need to be content exactly as we are to be truly happy, or else we will continue to chase an image of ourselves that will always be out of our reach.
Start loving the little things about yourself and start talking to yourself just like you would be talking to your best friend. After all, you are your true best friend.

Love you all,



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