All of us are born with a blank page that over our childhood years gets filled with scrips that we have no control over.  As children we have no control over our upbringing, our surroundings and environments, essentially we have someone else write our first chapters in our of our stories.

We go through life one chapter at a time thinking that there is no other way to change what was. We willingly give permission to others to write our story for us. We continue on this path that was paved for us by our parents, people who influence us early on in life and we see no other paths that we could take. We see it as the only way to go through life. 

As a child I have always loved fairytales because they somehow represented what I and I’m sure all of us wish for and that is; to be in charge of the ideas and stories, to be in charge of our own fairytale. 

Unfortunately, some of us if not most of us were told to stop dreaming, we were told that these are just fairytales, that they are not real and to grow up and do what we were told or taught to do and, maybe we will have a somewhat of a happy life…if we’re lucky enough. 

We go through life not always aware the we have the power to stop and consciously look at the road ahead and choose our own path to where ever that may lead us.

We do have a choice to change our story and we can achieve anything we want, even against all odds. When we consciously take back the control we gain the ability to decide how our story will be written. We Reclaim Our Life!

We are the authors of our own "Story Books" and we cannot let anyone take that away from us again.

So… stop! Look at the road ahead and ask yourself, which path do you choose? Take back the “pen” and start writing your next chapter the way YOU want to write it!!!

by, Greta Olechno


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